30 May 2024
What is BESS? 3 Benefits of a Battery Energy Storage System
What is BESS? 3 Benefits of a Battery Energy Storage System

In recent years, the market demand for battery energy storage systems (BESS) has been growing rapidly, so what is BESS and what are the advantages of BESS that can help your businesses accelerate the energy transition process? Let’s find out in this article.

What is BESS

What is BESS

BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems, which is a technology for storing energy in large quantities, using batteries such as lithium-ion batteries. BESS relies on one or more batteries to store energy, which can then be used at a later time. These batteries may be charged using excess electricity generated by solar power plants during periods of low demand. Once the battery is full, it stores the electricity until it is needed.

Advantages of BESS system

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) often have high round-trip efficiency, meaning that the input energy during charging is almost fully recovered during discharge. Therefore, this is a potential long-term solution that cannot be ignored in integrated renewable energy systems. There are three main advantages including:

  1.  Energy cost saving
    Battery energy storage systems provide businesses with cost-saving solutions for storing surplus output from renewable sources such as rooftop solar systems, storing excess solar power during lunch breaks, off-peak hours, and discharging it during peak hours in the morning and afternoon when electricity costs are high will significantly reduce long-term energy costs.
  2. Maximize the potential of renewable energy
    Deploying BESS systems integrated with renewable energy projects helps stabilize the quality and output power of unstable renewable energy sources. The storage system will solve the stability problem of the power system, helping businesses and factories ensure continuous power supply to customers.
  3. Stabilize the electrical system
    BESS systems act as backup power sources, providing energy during power outages or harsh weather conditions, helping reduce the need for costly upgrades to distribution systems or emergency generators. This contributes to reducing carbon emissions when emergency backup systems like diesel generators are used.

Implementing BESS systems is not only an important step for businesses, but also create value as the chuyển đổi năng lượng energy transition process accelerates.

GreenYellow's turn key BESS solution

At GreenYellow - a committed partner with Vietnamese businesses to accelerate the green energy transition, we provide comprehensive solutions fully funded for rooftop solar power and BESS energy storage systems. In addition to implementing individual solutions, GreenYellow Vietnam is piloting rooftop solar projects integrated with energy storage systems (BESS). This solar energy storage solution will help customers efficiently balance and maximize the potential of renewable energy sources.

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