Our CSR Commitments

Impulse Positive Change

We are the ally of companies and communities in their energy performance and solar energy production. As an international player, our expertise and our fully financed offerings provide our customers with concrete, immediate and profitable solutions to help them in their decarbonization targets.

Our core business contributes directly to the crucial objectives defined by the Paris Climate Agreement. Since 2022, GreenYellow is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact), and is officially committed to the 10 principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

CSR Policy

Our CSR policy was defined in 2019 as a set of 14 initiatives, grouped in 4 pillars:

Act in an environmentally
responsible way
với môi trường

  • Support the fight against global warming (reduction of greenhouse gases)
  • Contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity
  • Promote and encourage environmental awareness

Commit to the prosperity
of our teams

  • Foster cohesion and promote diversity
  • Facilitate the entry of young people into the job market
  • Offer our employees dynamic career opportunities
  • Foster a work atmosphere based on health, safety and well-being everywhere

Support local communities and institutions

  • Interact with local and national institutions
  • Promote and preserve local culture and heritage
  • Foster local solidarity partnerships

Build transparent and trust-based partnerships

  • Encourage responsible energy consumption
  • Reinforce ethics and compliance throughout our value chain
  • Ensure responsible sourcing and promote supplier CSR initiatives
  • Inform our stakeholders about our CSR roadmap and results

Our Ecoday

Ecoday - GreenYellow's annual activity around the world

At GreenYellow, our commitment to the environment is reflected in concrete and committed actions. Today, and for the third year running, we're proud to be taking part in our EcoDay. This year all the teams are mobilized to collect garbage on an international scale!

Some pictures of Ecoday at GreenYellow Vietnam

Summary of GreenYellow Vietnam's CSR activities

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