The International REC Standard (I-REC)

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) for companies with ESG commitments

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About I-REC

More and more, companies are careful about the energy they consume and want to know about its sourcing, and ideally to confirm it comes from a green supplier. By acquiring a REC certificate, it is possible to guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources and is therefore “clean”. In addition, GreenYellow has developed the know-how to assist its clients to choose the most appropriate and relevant certification programs for its projects. We are also responsible for applying iREC certificates for our clients.

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Prove the origin of the electricity consumed


Prove the reduction of its GHG emissions


Enable the achievement of sustainability goals


To highlight investments in sustainability


Improve your indicators for reporting programmes

Why Choosing The I-REC Label?

A global presence in more than 30 countries

A booming market, doubling every year

An added value for your businesses

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