Our Codes & Charters

Integrity & Responsibility as a Guideline

At GreenYellow, we value our relationships with all our stakeholders. We strive to maintain ethical and lawful relationships across the geographies in which we operate.

Our Client Charter

At GreenYellow, our clients are our priority!

That's why we're sharing this Code of Professional Ethics with you as a symbol of our mindset and desire to provide excellence in our services at each stage of our projects.

Codes & Charters

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Ethics Charter

This Ethics Charter expresses our determination to foster long-term reciprocal commitments with customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and any other stakeholders.

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HSE Rules

GreenYellow believes that our commitment to the health, safety, and environment is vital to keeping our employees, contractors and customers safe every day.

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procurement code

GreenYellow wishes to go one step further in deploy a responsible procurement practice, all around the world and for all its activities.

9 Golden Rules in Health – Safety – Environment

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