14 Tháng Ba 2022
A summary of the multi solar roof project – Phase 1 between GreenYellow Vietnam & Mega Market
GreenYellow & Mega Market multi solar energy projects in Vietnam

March 18, 2021 was a remarkable day for both GreenYellow Vietnam and MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM), as we officially announced our multi solar roof project – Phase 1. After one year, GreenYellow Vietnam has played an important role in MM’s sustainable development goals. In this article, let’s look at what we have accomplished so far after a year for 12 solar rooftop PPAs for Mega Market Vietnam.

GreenYellow & Mega Market multi solar energy projects in Vietnam

Project Overview

In September 2020, GreenYellow Vietnam was awarded by MMVN for solar rooftop PPAs following a bid tender process that started early July 2020. With a total capacity of nearly 5MWp and a contract duration of 15 years, we have committed to help MM with Licensing/Permitting, Roof Water Leaking, Construction Timeline and Solar projects Performance.


Commitments and Achievements

GreenYellow is proud to share that we were able to complete the construction shorter than commitment, in particular, the time from Construction Start to Construction Completion was 64 days on average; an average of 88 days from Kick off to Construction Completion and an average of 114 days from Kick off to Operation.

GreenYellow & Mega Market multi solar energy projects in Vietnam

In addition, even though we faced the changes in rules and met new regulations, we still successfully obtained the permit and licensing for those projects while sending MM monthly performance reports to study and analyze the consumption.

With MM’s trust, GreenYellow also keeps on improving to support MM even better by providing dedicated access to the monitoring system for Mega Market to access directly project performance status.


Making your energy transition a success!

solar energy in vietnam

At GreenYellow, we are experts in decentralized solar photovoltaic production, energy efficiency and energy services, GreenYellow offers its customers a unique global platform, to make their energy transition a beneficial reality. We understand your energy challenges and come up with optimal solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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