26 July 2023
3 Standards for Energy Management Systems in Vietnam
3 Standards for Energy Management Systems in Vietnam

Energy management standards enable us to comply with environmental protection laws while also generating sustained economic benefits, enhancing brand recognition, and increasing market competitiveness. To better comprehend the instruments that assist us in meeting ESG criteria, reducing carbon emissions, and working toward "net zero" targets, let's investigate the three standards for energy management systems in Vietnam with us.

What is an Energy monitoring system?

An energy management system or energy monitoring system is a system that helps users analyze and control all energy-related activities at a specific location. Through energy monitoring, we can better understand the electricity consumption levels at our factories.

Standards for energy monitoring systems

  1. 1. Production Output Monitoring

An effective energy management system needs to have the function of monitoring production output. This ensures that businesses can monitor and evaluate the operational performance of equipment and production processes. By monitoring data and information on solar power output at factories, you can identify and address inefficient energy consumption issues while seeking energy-saving opportunities.

  1. Storage Monitoring

An energy management system needs to have the capability to monitor energy storage. The system should allow businesses to track and manage the usage and storage of solar energy at their factories. By monitoring energy storage, businesses can identify and optimize energy usage based on actual needs, thereby minimizing waste and improving energy efficiency.

  1. Consumption Output Management

Hệ thống giám sát năng lượng GreenYellow

The capacity to regulate and monitor usage is another critical component of the standard for energy monitoring systems. This feature will assist enterprises in monitoring and assessing the energy use of processes and equipment. Businesses can enhance efficiency by identifying wasteful usage zones and implementing energy-saving measures using data analysis.

GreenYellow Vietnam - a leading provider of energy optimization solutions

Based on these standards and customer needs, GreenYellow has developed a monitoring system called the monitoring system. GreenYellow's monitoring system allows customers to access information about system performance easily. You can monitor energy consumption levels and cost savings from rooftop solar systems using a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, the system provides information on savings achieved and emission reductions, enabling customers to have a comprehensive view of the positive impact of the system on the environment. Especially, GreenYellow's monitoring system allows customers to directly access information on system performance conveniently. You can download monthly reports on electricity production, enabling them to evaluate system performance and track energy savings over time.

About GreenYellow

To date, GreenYellow has completed 1,170 MWp capacity for over 790 solar power plants and signed over 3,300 Energy Efficiency Contracts worldwide. GreenYellow provides continuous support to customers throughout the value chain and offers comprehensive services including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Energy Efficiency Agreements (UaaS & EEA), I-REC, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) services.

In addition to these services, GreenYellow Vietnam's energy monitoring system offers cutting-edge options for companies to track and manage energy in a thorough and effective manner. To conserve energy and provide long-term value for your company, make an investment in an optimal monitoring system!

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