4 June 2024
GreenYellow Visits Huawei's Factory
GreenYellow Visits Huawei's Factory

In a recent endeavor, GreenYellow Vietnam representatives embarked on a captivating tour to explore Huawei's factory in Guangdong, as well as its headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

During the visit to Huawei’s factory, the delegation was introduced to modern production processes and high levels of automation, ensuring the highest product quality for customers and partners. Additionally, we had the opportunity to explore solar energy projects in China that utilize Huawei’s solution.

GreenYellow is confident that partnering with esteemed suppliers such as Huawei will solidify our standing as the leading financial and technical solutions provider for energy projects within Vietnam's dynamic business landscape.

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GreenYellow Visits Huawei's FactoryGreenYellow Visits Huawei's Factory


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