23 February 2023
New Wing (Foxconn) rooftop solar project officially operated
Dự án điện mặt trời mái nhà New Wing (Foxconn)
GreenYellow is a major player, an expert in photovoltaics capable of leading a project from A to Z. We design the right facility to meet your needs, then we handle its financing, construction, and operation over time. Accordingly, the plant will be able to use clean energy electricity at a preferential price compared to the average tariff of EVN without having to invest in initial investment and installation costs. In addition, GreenYellow is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system, giving customers peace of mind to focus on the company's core business.


Currently, GreenYellow Group has completed 930 MWp of solar power capacity for more than 500 solar power plants and signed more than 3,100 Energy Efficiency Contracts worldwide.

Founded in 2007 in France, GreenYellow is known as an expert in decentralized solar photovoltaic production, energy efficiency and energy services to help businesses move towards sustainable development, GreenYellow offers customers a unique, global cooperation model, a one-stop service to ensure the most optimal energy conversion realization. We operate in 16 countries around the world and are constantly expanding to help businesses make their energy transition successful.


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