28 February 2022
GreenYellow accompanies Maxport Limited to complete a solar rooftop system in Vietnam with a total capacity of 1.6 MWp
hệ thống điện mặt trời mái nhà GreenYellow và Maxport

On the afternoon of February 21, Mr. Sébastien Prioux, Country Manager of GreenYellow in Vietnam and Cambodia, attended the ceremony to celebrate the completion of MAXPORT’s rooftop solar power system at their 9th factory with a total capacity of 1.6 MWp.

hệ thống điện mặt trời áp mái Thái Bình

solar PPA in vietnam


solar energy in vietnamvietnam solar power greenyellow

GreenYellow Vietnam is proud to be MAXPORT Limited’s partner in their energy transition for sustainable development. In addition, with the current rooftop solar power system, the Maxport factory will adapt and automate the operation and equipment, significantly reducing electricity costs and saving energy.

Along with economic benefits, GreenYellow also ensures that the Maxport 9 factory reduces about 1,500 tons of CO2/year, an impressive figure that meets the sustainable development aspirations of Maxport Limited

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