24 November 2022
GreenYellow - an accredited I-REC provider in Vietnam
GreenYellow - an accredited I-REC provider in Vietnam

Trang web chứng chỉ năng lượng tái tạo I-REC Standard chính thức công nhận GreenYellow là đơn vị cung cấp chứng chỉ I-REC tại Việt Nam.

With the trend of shifting to using green energy to reduce emissions to the environment, and at the same time responding to the conditions of using renewable electricity proposed by partners, achieving I-REC certification has become an essential needs that business owners are aiming for and GreenYellow is proud to be a unit capable of helping businesses achieve I-REC renewable energy certification in Vietnam.

Why should businesses have renewable energy certificates I-REC?

Renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) will help businesses prove the source of energy consumption from green energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby improving reporting indicators for sustainable development goals. I-REC also helps to strengthen the corporate image, helps businesses increase the competitiveness of their products and is an important tool for export-oriented businesses to difficult markets such as Europe.

GreenYellow - an accredited I-REC provider in Vietnam

At GreenYellow Vietnam, we can help you obtain I-RECs in the most efficient way and in a speedy manner. In 2021, GreenYellow commercialized more than 240,000 I-RECs worldwide. Operating in 16 countries and with a presence in 12 countries on 4 continents, GreenYellow has become a major player in the energy transition in France and abroad in just 15 years and is a true partner for companies and local authorities, helping them to consume better and consume less.

GreenYellow will assist in Setting up Client Participant Account or Redemption Account, I-REC Transactions and find partners interested in purchasing them. In 2021, more than 247,640 I-RECs were issued by GreenYellow worldwide and if you are interested in owning I-REC certificates for your business, please do not hesitate to contact GreenYellow Vietnam.

About GreenYellow

Founded in 2007 in France, GreenYellow is known as an expert in decentralized solar photovoltaic production, energy efficiency and energy services to help businesses move towards sustainable development, GreenYellow offers customers a unique, global cooperation model, a one-stop service to ensure the most optimal energy conversion realization. We operate in 16 countries around the world and are constantly expanding to help businesses make their energy transition successful.

If you and your business are looking for solutions on energy saving and solar energy, please contact GreenYellow Vietnam.

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