23 May 2024
Planting 1000 Urban Green Trees for a Green Vietnam Together with GreenViet
Lễ Phát Động Trồng 1000 Cây Xanh Đô Thị Vì Một Việt Nam Xanh

GreenYellow Vietnam joins hands with the GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center in planting 1000 urban trees for a greener Vietnam!

Following the success of the Uprace 2023 community running event, the launch ceremony of the "Planting 1000 Urban Trees" program was successfully held on the morning of May 14th. This activity is part of the project to plant 60,000 large forest trees at the headwaters of Hoa Bac and 4,000 urban trees sponsored by businesses that sponsoring the UpRace 2023 project, including GreenYellow Vietnam.

With the participation of over 100 staff members, students from the HCMC University of Physical Education and Sports, and businesses, 500 trees were planted on the school grounds in Nhon Duc commune, Nha Be district. This contributes to maintaining green spaces, creating a healthy and green environmental landscape, and serving outdoor education activities.

Through funding from UpRace 2023, GreenViet has planted over 34,808 urban trees, more than 39 hectares of forests, and carried out various meaningful activities for wildlife conservation and nature education, contributing to biodiversity conservation and sustainable environmental protection.

Click here to view more images from the event.

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