20 June 2022
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power

Using solar power not only saves costs but also brings a lot of practical benefits. Nowadays, enterprises specializing in textiles, seafood, steel, wood, etc. are shifting to use renewable energy sources, especially solar energy for sustainable development and this is also an inevitable trend for all businesses in the coming time. And in this video, GreenYellow Vietnam will explain 5 reasons why you should also shift to using solar power for a profitable business.

1. Saving on electricity costs at the factory

Cost-saving is one of the main goals of businesses when they convert to using solar power. Solar power, mainly generated from rooftop solar power, is a source of clean energy for production and business activities, helping businesses reduce purchasing electricity from the national grid, optimizing electricity costs, reducing operating costs and improving business efficiency.

The most common trend nowadays in shifting for greener energy is using solar rooftop power which works on the principle of converting radiation and the heat of the sun's rays to help convert light energy into electricity. Rooftop solar power is a renewable source of electricity that is gradually replacing other traditional power sources such as coal-fired power, coal, etc. to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

2. Factory cooling

Installing solar panels on the roof is an effective solution to prevent heat because the panels will absorb energy from sunlight to convert it into electricity, so the heat will be retained on the surface of the panels, at a result, the factory becomes cooler, especially the factories using corrugated iron roofs.

3. Reduce the risk of power shortage for production and operation

There is a high demand on electricity at many factories and sometimes, it leads to an overload of the national power grid, directly affecting the production activities and business needs of factories. According to the most recent draft "Report on the completion of the National Power Development Planning Scheme for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045", the government "encourages the development of DPPA (Direct Power Purchase Agreement) for on-site consumption, especially for the production of hydrogen, green ammonia because the amount of electricity is consumed locally and does not put pressure on the national grid for transmission. Therefore, if you add solar power to your electricity demand, it will ensure that the factory operates continuously and efficiently.

4. Help you build your branding for “green supplier” or “green retailer”

With the trend of users becoming more and more concerned about environmental protection and at the same time businesses and retailers also want to aim for sustainable development, responding to the call of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaking at At the COP26 conference on climate change, the trend of developing solar power is also becoming an inevitable trend, helping businesses build brands and breakthrough in the market.

5. Increase export efficiency to fastidious markets

When using rooftop solar power, businesses are granted IRECs "certificate of green energy use", creating advantages for exporting goods to fastidious markets such as the European region.

At GreenYellow Vietnam, we can help you obtain I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates) for companies with ESG commitments. By acquiring I-REC certificates, it is possible to guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources and is, therefore “clean”. In addition, GreenYellow has developed a know-how to assist our clients to choose the most appropriate and relevant certification programs for its projects.

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