7 May 2024
What Is A Refrigeration Compressor? Functions Of The Refrigeration Compressor?
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In industries such as food processing, seafood processing, and cold storage warehouses, maintaining the efficiency and functionality of the compressor in refrigeration system is of paramount importance. In this article, let's explore the improvements in refrigeration compressors to enhance the performance of industrial refrigeration systems.

What is a Refrigeration compressor?

A refrigeration compressor is a device that air conditions, providing cooling for machinery and large facilities like factories, industrial zones, and large supermarket chains. Compressor in refrigeration system are often likened to the heart of refrigeration and industrial air conditioning systems.

What is the function of a refrigeration compressor?

The functions of a compressor in a refrigeration system include:

  1. Compressing gas from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Once compressed, the gas reaches a certain coldness and is pushed to other parts of the system.
  2. Providing necessary pressure for the continuous circulation of gas in the refrigeration system from the condenser to the evaporator and vice versa.
  3. Temperature control: Refrigeration compressors are adjusted to meet different temperature needs within the refrigeration system, ensuring optimal and efficient system operation.

Why is it necessary to replace refrigeration compressors?

Refrigeration compressors are designed to optimize the efficiency of refrigeration systems and save energy to reduce operational costs, thereby reducing the electricity bills of businesses. However, over time, the efficiency of refrigeration compressors decreases. Especially, older compressors often consume more energy. Therefore, replacing them with newer compressors using more advanced technology is necessary to ensure the efficiency of refrigeration system operations.

Understanding the importance of replacing refrigeration compressors, the Bạc Liêu Fisheries Company contacted GreenYellow to implement the UaaS (Utility as a Service) solution to upgrade their industrial refrigeration system. This upgrade project has helped the Bạc Liêu Fisheries Company solve the challenge of reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electricity consumption by about 1 MWh and reducing CO2 emissions by 1 ton per year.

Dự án thay mới máy nén lạnh Công ty cổ phần Thủy sản Bạc Liêu

GreenYellow's Energy Efficiency Solution: A Comprehensive Integrated Platform

The path to energy efficiency and effectiveness extends beyond equipment replacement and includes a series of actions aimed at optimizing production processes. At GreenYellow, a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions, we offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses fulfill their environmental commitments. This includes improving internal processes, evaluating on-site electrical systems, implementing energy monitoring systems, and replacing energy-intensive equipment.

In most cases, businesses may lack the time and financial resources to implement these solutions. That's where partners like GreenYellow come into play. We provide full funding for equipment replacement through UaaS contracts, ensuring energy savings for customers through Energy Efficiency Agreements (EEAs) over an average period of 10 years.

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