28 June 2023
Ways to jump-start the energy transition in Vietnam
Ways to jump-start the energy transition in Vietnam

Using rooftop solar power and energy-saving solutions is an important factor towards the goal of greening and reducing emissions in the manufacturing industries that Vietnamese businesses are aiming for. Understanding the market demand for an energy solution provider, GreenYellow as an expert in the field of energy power generation with extensive experience operating in 16 countries around the world, brings Vietnam market comprehensive solutions for rooftop solar power (Shift Production) and energy saving services (Shift Efficiency).

Solutions to convert to green energy for key energy plants

Rooftop solar power solution

In the context that EVN decided to adjust the average retail price of electricity to be 1,920,3732 VND/kWh (excluding value-added tax) from May 4, 2023, equivalent to an increase of 3% compared to the selling price of electricity. The demand for efficient electricity use of enterprises is very high at the moment, and the investment in self-service electric power systems is an open door to help businesses access an additional power source, both bring obvious economic benefits to businesses, reduce the load on the power grid as well as demonstrate the enterprise's commitment to environmental protection, emission reduction and towards sustainable development by specific indicators displayed on the green energy use certificate.

To help reduce your electricity expense, GreenYellow provides a one-stop solar service solution (Solar PPA) where we finance 100% of the capital, design, construct, operate, and maintain the entire solar energy system tailored to your needs.


Energy Saving Solutions

It is true that Vietnam is stepping up its efforts to accelerate the peaking of its greenhouse gas emissions and the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. As a result, foreign and domestic investments are on the rise in the renewable energy sector. Meanwhile, more enterprises are starting to join corporate social responsibility campaigns with green energy commitments.

This trend opens a new world of opportunities for GreenYellow, which has established itself as a key player in the energy efficiency markets in different countries like France, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, and Thailand. In Vietnam, GreenYellow is developing the business under two types of contracts: the Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA) and the Utility as a Service (UaaS).

Accordingly, EEA is primarily a financial solution for the client. The energy efficiency concept is based on optimizing a system in order to provide the same output with less input. In other words, it reduces energy consumption while still ensuring the same result, which is achieved through automation and process optimization.

Meanwhile, the UaaS is GreenYellow's strategy for financing retrofit projects. It helps clients modernize their sites with more efficient machines and automated operations. As GreenYellow invests in the new system, the client will be able to focus its investments on their core business while GY takes care of the utilities.

The first EEA was signed between GreenYellow and an international retail chain in Vietnam. The energy efficiency project provides the client with more than 800 MWh of savings annually, equivalent to VND2 billion ($85.169). Meanwhile, GreenYellow's flagship UaaS is a retrofit project for industrial refrigeration, replacing piston compressors with HCFC refrigeration fluid with screw compressors fueled with ammonia. This UaaS represents a 1 GWh reduction in energy consumption per year for the client, equivalent to VND1.9 billion ($80,911).

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